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Manicures & Pedicures

shellac manicure and pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

regular Mani & Pedi 45

Shellac Mani & Pedi 75

shellac manicure


regular Manicure 20

Shellac Manicure 35

shellac pedicure


regular Pedicure 30

Shellac Pedicure 45

To shellac or not to shellac?

Shellac is a gel polish. It can be apply directly on your natural nails.

The biggest benefit when using shellac polish is that it lasts much longer than regular nail polish. It dries extremely fast, so no need to have to sit under the dryer for 15-20 minutes to wait for your polish to dry.

Waxing Services

facial waxing

Eye brows 15

Upper lip 6

Chin 8

Side burn 10

Full face 30

body waxing

Under arms 15

Shoulders 10

Chest 25

Half arms 20

Full arms 30

Half legs 28

Full legs 40

Back 30

Stomach 10+

Bikini 25+

Brazilian 40

What kind of wax do we use?

We use Gigi honey hot wax.

As the wax is left on the skin for up to a minute, the heat opens the pores and hair follicles allowing the hair to wax out much more easily. This should theoretically be less painful.

Nails - Artificial Nails and Extensions

dipping powder nails

Dipping Power

Natural Nails 45

With Extensions 55

solar nails

Solar Nails

New set 50

Refill 35

bio gel nails

Bio-Gel Nails

New set 60

Refill 45

What is dipping powder?

Its a newer nail technique that involves dipping the nail into coloured powder. It can be done on your natural nails or it can be applied on nail extensions to add length.

Dip powder is the best of both worlds - it is as strong and durable as acrylic, but removes easily like a shellac/gel polish. There is no odour, no harmful primers, and feels natural on your nails.

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